If you asked one of the Ford sisters how did the EdigifiHER get started, they would probably say, “It was in our hands the whole time.” Well, we all know that is usually when the best ideas are developed. That moment when the light bulb goes off ; shines light on something that has been in front of you the entire time.



In 2016, as Tiffany was putting the finishing touches on Terrica’s hair, they began to brainstorm what products or services they could create that would make a major impact in the hair and beauty industry. After realizing the product was literally in their hands, the question popped in both of their heads “Why are we still using a toothbrush for our Edges?” After a few weeks of throwing out ideas, they sketched several drawings of a brush that resembled a toothbrush but they wanted to create a luxurious look and design that they no longer had to be ashamed of. With keeping the functionality of a lightweight brush, they added the touch of black nylon bristles that allows you to shape, sculpt and smooth your edges to perfection without the breakage, bacteria and embarrassing buildup of a toothbrush- finishing it off with the long sleek tail… thus the EdgifiHER was BORN! Created and designed by Tiffany and Terrica Ford.